Dressing for the occasion

Oh it is the season of weddings. B & B guests arrived on Saturday morning, a young couple, she  a highly efficient and elegant German lady, he a tall freckled Anglo Saxon and they had come for a wedding which was being held in a nearby village. On their arrival I showed them their room and offered an ironing board which was happily accepted especially as they had brought their own iron. Having sorted them I rushed off to have a shower and to get ready for a different wedding, only to find after a few minutes my daughter knocking on the door saying that there was a problem. 

So gathering up myself in towels I dripped downstairs to find the couple distraught having discovered that although they had bought their own iron and their shoes, they had in fact left their wedding outfits at home in Walthamstow! Well, the Stafford Allens, not known to be great followers of fashion, dived into their wardrobes and offered various items of clothes from my frumpy outfits to my daughter's young dresses. After polite rejections our German friend decided to stick to the pretty T shirt she was wearing plus a skirt she had packed and after much encouragement and compliments she wiped away her tears. Then came the turn of sorting out the male of the species who was still standing there in his denim shorts and T shirt; so my son, another fashion icon, was summoned and, surprisingly and to give him credit, he duly provided some suitable clothes! 

The next morning I anxiously asked the couple how it all went.  They replied that at first having kept quiet about their mishap they then dined out on the story (which I have to say we did too).  Such was the success of their evening that they are now thinking that they might take up the challenge and always leave their outfits at home!
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Visitors from Shanghai

This week we enjoyed lovely visitors from Shanghai. The sun shone and they visited Sandringham, Oxborough, Houghton (twice), cycled around the park at Holkham, and acquired the skill of crabbing at Blakeney. They were also delighted with the warm welcome and friendly assistance they received everywhere. Scruffy is so missing them and the lovely walks they took him on!
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